52 Moreton Street

London SW1V 2PB
Telephone: 020-7 821 0099
Fax: 020-7 821 0044


Our services can include:

Administration and Accounting

  1. Preparation of an accurate, detailed, annual service charge estimate, broken down by each category of expenditure.
  2. Rendering service charge statements and the collection of funds from residents.
  3. Collection and payment of ground rents.
  4. Preparation of annual accounts, including detailed statements of income and expenditure, and amounts collected and due from residents, in an easily understandable format.
  5. Arranging buildings insurance at the most competitive rate. Reviewing the sum insured annually and paying premiums. Handling and processing insurance claims.
  6. Checking and paying quarterly accounts for common parts electricity and/or gas. Checking and paying fire extinguisher and entryphone rental accounts.
  7. Residents' service charge funds kept on a separate account.
  8. Operating and managing a separate sinking fund account.
  9. Providing information such as service charge accounts, service charge estimates, insurance etc. to solicitors when flats are being purchased and sold.
  10. Arranging lift and/or boiler insurance at the most competitive rate.

Property Maintenance

  1. Cleaning of the internal and external common parts.
  2. Replacing light bulbs in common parts.
  3. 24 hour availability and emergency maintenance by arrangement.
  4. Regular inspection visits to the property.
  5. Preparation by a building surveyor of a schedule of condition and planned maintenance programme for the property.
  6. Entryphone maintenance and rental agreements.
  7. Provision and maintenance of fire extinguishers and smoke alarms to common parts.
  8. Arranging fire extinguisher rental agreements.
  9. Reviewing, arranging and supervising lift maintenance contract.
  10. Daily removal of rubbish from outside residents' flats to the refuse storage area.

Our management fee is always based on a unit charge per flat rather than on a percentage of the total service charge expenditure. In this way we can actively use our contacts and experience to reduce service charge expenditure wherever possible. Furthermore, residents know in advance, at the commencement of each year, the level of management fees. An accountancy fee is charged as part of the annual audit. This is to cover the costs involved in liasing with the accountants, dealing with queries and copying and sending out the accounts to all lessees. This is typically around 240 plus VAT .per annum.

Our involvement in major refurbishment works to a property is subject to a separate fee depending on the nature of the works and the overall cost. The cost is typically, however, between 1.5% and 2.5%.