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Quality management "the key to enhanced property value"


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The key to successful letting is management...

...use the professionals.

The key to successful letting of your flat is good management. This makes for happy tenants and happy tenants stay.
Following requests from lessees in properties we manage, Fry & Company are pleased to announce that we are extending our management services to include management of individual flats.

Why use Fry & Company?

  • Management is what we do best
  • Our dedicated and experienced staff ensure that the concerns of landlords and tenants are top priority
  • Our pro-active approach to management will save you time and money
  • We have a good team of contractors who will respond quickly to problems and whose prices are competetive
  • We visit properties at least once a month
  • We can advise landlords on the rental value of their flats.

What are the costs?
We charge 5% of the rental for general management and collection of the rent on behalf of the landlord and 4% for general management without rent collection.

To find out more please call Emily Chui or Beth Eagland on 020-7821 0099
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